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May product fields be specified for buying options for customers and information to sellers (as obtaining the country of the customer, size of shoe desired, and number of pairs to adjust what is accordingly shipped) ?


A help file within the “product description” section of the control station guides the process of setting up multiple fields and list boxes. Using these, the user may specify one list of variable items (as “1 bottle $12.25”, “6 bottles $142.80” displayed in a drop down select box,) as many other non-price related boxes (as shoe size, country of residency, shoe color) as needed may be setup in addition: such information will be displayed in the order invoice sent to customer purchasers. Another instance of variable items is when extras are added to the base price of the product (as a shirt set at $7,000 with options of adding silver buttons for $700 extra, or bronze buttons for $400), one additional extra of as many categories and choices as the user needs to setup may the customer add to such an item’s base price in this way.


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