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Ecommerce Shopping Cart Demo - FAQ
Ecommerce FAQ


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How may customers find products?

Categorized menus (may be auto generated), drop list menus (may be auto generated), a sitemap (may be auto generated), search field (may be auto generated), mailing list (newsletters may the user send all subscribers at once, as those subscribers assigned automatically to the mailing list by purchase from store or clicking on a subscribe link), and search engine placement may the customer be using to find broad, specific and diverse ranges of products. SearchFit auto generates such search tools for customers by recognizing certain keywords (listed within control station “Templ Main” section help) the user has placed within HTML, as typing AUTO_GENERATED_MENU_MAIN in the HTML will the system recognize to auto generate a menu of products in the corresponding location on the website as where the keyword was placed into the HTML: the menu is based upon product information, categories, and category types the user has already configured successfully within “Products,” “Categories,” “CategoryTypes” sections of the control station and is color and width customizable; another example: the user types the AUTO_GENERATED_TOOL_SEARCH keyword (referenced from “Templ Main” section help) into the html near the top of the body and uploads the website, a one click process using the “Generate” section, now, displayed on the website will be the functional search field at the corresponding location of where this keyword was typed in the body indexing all related items found throughout entirety of online store, as configured in the control station, for customer search queries. 

Specific product targeting by customers via search engines such as Google may factor the impetus of manifold product sales over a dynamic HTML shopping cart system: the SearchFit system (using instead a uniquely custom programmed static HTML system) was aligned to achieve this purpose, as it enables customers to find specific products, their category, and category type, and, information thereof through search engine queries (as customer typing in specific product details as “soccer cleats”) may be coming up for the customer; but, unrealized among most clients of shopping cart systems using dynamic HTML is the lack of search engine targeting for specific products, as the dynamic HTML systems not used by SearchFit do not fully “communicate” with search engine queries but in a very broad context (as the search engine will only be picking up “Sports Equipment”, a broad term describing store products for a large online sports store, leaving search engine targeting of the specific products of such a shopping cart system unresponsive to a customer typing in “soccer cleats”); through unique programming setup does the SearchFit system allow such possibilities whereas large dynamically driven shopping carts effectively do not; link popularity also does the SearchFit system compound via business listings and structure of your page harbored by using the SearchFit control station for creation of your online website, your business may hereby be placed higher upon search engine listings (link popularity, a term ascribed to numbers of links pointing to your site becomes a key factor when search engines rank businesses setting aside those to appear first and those to appear last for a designated search query, as a customer Google query will more easily be transferred to your website products when your website is immediately listed rather than being 17th or 29th on the search results listing).

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