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'The Congress shall have the Power . . . To Coin Money.' (Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 8.)
When the framers of the U.S. Constitution created a new government for their untried Republic, they realized the critical need for a respected monetary system. Soon after the Constitution's ratification, Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton personally prepared plans for a national Mint. On April 2, 1792, Congress passed The Coinage Act, which created the Mint and authorized construction of a Mint building in the nation's capitol, Philadelphia. This was the first federal building erected under the Constitution.
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Spy Gadgets, Security Software, Observation System, Surveillance Books Camera & Equipment - startechoutlet.com.

Privacy, security, and safety are what we are all about at Star Tech Outlet. You can depend on us for your one-stop security needs from surveillance cameras, countermeasures, spy gadgets, investigative books & softwares, and much more.

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Wood Bookmarks, Wood Coat Racks, Wood Key Racks, Wood Inlay Banding, Wood Key Rings, Wood Key Chains - Mitercraft.com
Our small shop in the San Juan Islands of Washington State specializes in our own 25-step process for making handmade wood inlays and banding for all sorts of woodworking uses. Our wood inlays have helped many woodworkers enhance game boards, jewelry boxes, cabinets and furniture. Our wood inlays and banding can be incorporated in millwork such as hand rails, chair rails, counter edges as well as crown and other types of molding. Our wood inlays and banding will add a professional appearance to all your woodworking projects. ........
E-Mail:[email protected]



Out of pure passion and nearly five years of research and development, BON VITAL'® offers the finest, all natural, professional massage therapy products.

BON VITAL'® gives the professional therapist optimum performance while the client receives the ultimate relaxation and therapeutic benefits. BON VITAL'S ® exquisite natural oils, water dispersible emulsifiers, exact lubricity and drag specifications have been thoroughly tested to achieve the maximum in today's massage therapy. BON VITAL'® understands the science and precise skills needed to produce the best products for their customers. We also realize the potential benefits from the fine services rendered by the professional massage therapist are the basis for a profitable relationship through new business, repeat business, and client referrals. We at BON VITAL'® have created a full line of products to match the expertise of the therapist with the ultimate in therapeutic massage supplies such as oils, cremes and lotions.
With best regards, Guenter Heidenberger BON VITAL' ® President
E-Mail:[email protected] Phone:1-800 253- 6466



At Bugei our interest is in the swords of the ancient Samurai. The shapes, lengths, nakago, tsuka, etc. reflect an era when swords were still used for combat. Our swords are used by more modern sword styles and our Wave koshirae blades can be custom designed to fit more modern styles that are currently practiced in Japan, however this is not our prime directive. Most of the modern swords produced in Japan would not be practical for the uses that the Samurai required of their blades.... more

Email:[email protected]
Contact: Chris



This has been Louisiana's largest-selling line of gourmet and specialty pepper and barbeque sauces for over six years. These cajun products have different levels of heat, none of which are painful. They are loaded with the very best peppers available and are thick with chunks of garlic, onion and other ingredients. Cooked and packed hot, they provide the intense flavors you never thought possible in a sauce. Forget all that you ever thought you knew about Louisiana hot sauces. These are truly the best and are guaranteed to satisfy your urge for something new and better or we will refund your money!......

Email:[email protected]



The DryGuy patents and research efforts date back to 1994. DryGuy's founder an avid skier has applied the lessons learned from twenty years in the aerospace engineering industry to solve his own problem with cold feet and hands. Armed with three irrefutable facts: hands and feet sweat profusely, cold is caused by the loss of heat, and dry insulation conserves body heat twenty five times better that damp insulation; DryGuy set out make winter sports more fun. Today DryGuy is the countries leading supplier of boot and glove driers designed to keep garments working at optimum level of warmth. Recognizing that factory levels of insulation do not provide adequate levels of warmth for everyone.

Contact:[email protected]



PSSST Equipment, Inc. is a Global Supplier of Police, Surveillance, Safety, Self-Defense & Tactical Equipment

PSSST Equipment, Inc. is a global supplier to the Law Enforcement community, including Federal, State, Public and Private. We carry police equipment, surveillance and spy equipment, safety, fire, rescue, self-defense, personal protection, hunting equipment, and tactical gear.
PSSST Equipment Inc. has Police equipment sales representatives and offices throughout the U.S.A. Each sales representative is a professional, employed in, or has been employed in the Law enforcement Field and or U.S. Military. Each represents a territory consisting of the Eastern US, Western US, Hawaii, Alaska and International territory. We also have a sales representative that specializes in Safety and Hazmat equipment, and we have an Auto Parts Division.
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