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       Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solution


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Ecommerce Shopping Cart SearchFit Features
Ecommerce Features


 The Smart Bussiness Online ! SEARCHFit -  Ecommerce Shopping Cart Features          

 1.Search Engine Optimization Features                         Click Live Demo Shopping Cart

   Full Static HTML Generation
   Page/Product specific elements for search engine optimization
   Integrated Product specified Page Title/Meta/Heading Text
   Building Link Text Summary Links in 4 Level
   Building 4 Level Product Pages  - Category Type Page - Category Page-
   Sub Category - Short Description Page and Detail Description Page each Product.
   User specific category and product configuration
   User specific web site theme builder with customize Storefront for each category
   Integrated Link Popularity System for reciprocal and inbound links
   Automated square linking between all Sub user or Affiliate User
   Auto Generated Site Map for deep scrolling Robots
   No more Doorway Pages with irritating junk Urls real related Urls with keywords
   Included monthly Search Engine Submission with single main page submission
   Full automated HTML Web site Generation with new web site creation date for
   Search Engine Robot re scrolling.
 2.Web Site Features & Web Design

   100% your own Design - HTML based - CSS Style
   Multiple CSS, Category, and Product Layout Templates Custom Style
   HTML easy use database plugin via include text
   Full Generic Web site Integration with 4 Level Web Site Navigation
   Automated 404 Error Protection with integrated missing HTML Function
   All Standard Text and Text Links “Labels” can be changed to images, buttons,
   or different text . Works with virtually any type of code, including Flash and Java Script
   Auto Generated Subscribe and Unsubscribe
   Auto Generated Search Form/Page
   Auto Generated Site Map
   Auto Generated Drop down Menu
   Customized Category Display
   Web Site Check Order Status Link
   Display of “List Price” and “Our Price” to entice customers to buy
   Quantity field next to “Add to Cart” on each product
   Time and date display for the last time Web site was updated.
   Custom Order form fields for each different Product Main or Sub Category
   Integration of Support Web pages to the Shopping Cart System
 3. Multi User / Affiliate  and Sub User System

   Multi User Systems with Multi Domain Names managed via 3 Level Admin
   Multi User Systems with Individual Affiliate Shopping Carts managed via ChiefAdmin
   Customize Shopping Cart for each User in Selling Price / Design / Language ect.
   Discount or Surcharge percentage can be specified for each user
   Multi Server System with Cost Effective Shared Traffic System
   Multi Server Hosting for each sub user
   Sales and Commission Statistic for each Sub User
   Multi Currency,  Multi Tax,  Multi Language  for each User controlled via main Database

 4. Shopping Cart System

   Full Browser based Control Panel
   Electronic Product Setup (Download products with customized password access)
   Custom Order form fields for each different Product Main or Sub Category
   Complete control of navigation functionality with external link Support
   Integration of Support Web pages to the Shopping Cart System
   Secure order transaction via 128 bit Secure Server optional Custom SSL Certificate
   Manageable inventory online (Additional)
   Sale statistics for each product or customer - Affiliate Commission Report
   Powerful MySQL Database Support
   Coupon Sales Promotion System - Discount Member Sale System
   Secure order transactions with Secure Socket Layer 128 Bit
   Additional Credit Card Information Security / Admin Panel /Additional Password Access
   Realtime or Offline Credit Card Processing with almost every Credit Card Merchant
   Additional Paypal Payment System, Check and Money Order
   Customer Order Tracking System via Email and Web site Access
   Customized payment method, which could be for example, “Send me more info”
   Shipping Module Engine by weight/amount by state/country
   Real Time connection with UPS, FedEx, and USPS to estimate cost using location and weight.
   Custom Design Email Invoice controlled via Rep. HTML Template
   Open and Close Store Function
   Special Login in for Service Personal Warehouse ect.
   Export Function for Searchfit Shopping Cart Order tab, comma  or xml file.

 5. Customer and Technical Service
   Live Online Support via Human Click
   Discussion Forum
   Weekly 8am-5pm phone support via the SearchFit team

 6. Site Control Features and Setup Features

   Professional Design Service or Search Engine Optimization Service via SearchFit
   Template and Product Setup or Import via SearchFit
   Help File for all Section Help on / off Admin Panel
   SearchFit Flash Tutorial / SearchFit Forum Programer Help/ Ask the Experts
   Product Entry:
   Import products feature implemented. Now products can be imported from
   CommaSeparatedValues or TabSeparatedValues files.

   Ability to copy products and edit the copy
   Advanced Permissions function : ChiefAdmin can configure the permissions of every user as
   well as the permissions of group of users with the same role using CONFIGURE/Permissions function

 7. Orders

    Can be organized by changing the status to “in progress,” “done order,” or “bad order.”
   The status is originally listed with the status “new.”
   Can be searched by country, state, and status
   Ability to export shipping or complete Order information to print shipping labels

 8. Mailing List - Marketing Tools

   Ability to send an email text or HTML Format to all registered customers simultaneously

 9. Information Reports & Statistic

   Reports, which show statistics like how many products the system currently has, how many
   categories, and how many orders, etc.
   Credit Card can be shown in full or last 4 digits, which may be necessary if more than one
   person has access to the Web site.
   Statistics on orders and sales


   Plugin for Travel Industry with local Database Product entry and online XML Connection
   Central Airline Booking System Sabre
   Plugin for Real-estate Industry with mls Database Connection
   Back end Customer Database including import function for existing Customer Database
   included discounts and customized payment for selected customers
   Wish list , Send a Friend function ( product via Email )
   Additional level of security for credit card numbers using mcrypt
   Customized include tags, which uses the database to display products wherever one wishes
   Example simple sales special on Home Page
   New Product Rules : rules per product (i.e. buy 2 and get 1 free)



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