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Ecommerce Shopping Cart Multi User
SearchFit Multi User


 The Smart Bussiness Online ! SEARCHFit Ecommerce Cart Multi User Solution        

Multi User Program                 Click Here for Graphic Chart

Everyone knows that search engines refuse affiliate website addresses and it doesn’t work because of the URLs or link address used are given by a database driven website.

SearchFit is the only true search engine friendly shopping cart solution and is the most powerful online money making affiliate website program available today. Turn affiliates to individual online stores. Since our SearchFit shopping cart software generates HTML static pages from the server database, it is easily visible to search engines. Another way search engines looks and judges the page ranking is the amount of your link popularity. Imagine having many different pages and URLs along with many different online stores linking to each other creating a huge community with your products on one shopping cart.

Our SearchFit Multi User Program is the only one that allows you (Main Admin) to assign different prices, different currencies, different language and different tax systems to your affiliate user and each of your affiliates can create their own design or template to accommodate the look and feel they desire selling your products for a certain percentage of commission.

How it Works
Think of it as one major store and it links to your store chains, each with their own identity but they get commission for each product they sell. This method will generate exposure to your store and quickly earn profits by having many different affiliate sellers.

You are the main and sole admin for your multi-user program. You maintain your store and every other affiliate store with SearchFit. Your users are only limited to what you specify. If you add a product, because of our automatic FTP session it will add and modify all the generated pages for all of your users sites with a click of one button.

Beneficial to your Marketing needs

Our Multi- User Affiliate program can generate as many users as you want.

  • Get More Exposure!
  • Automatic PHP FTP session allows you to update all user sites with one click
  • Users have the ability to change prices if you allow it.
  • Creates a real online shopping site.
  • Each product (even though they are the same) can be submitted to search engines because it automatically generates an ftp session to your server with your affiliates private DNS entry.
  • Creates / generates pages linking to each other creating a huge popularity.
  • Updates local and external ftp server. (Multi Server Solution)
  • Allow Marketing Letter for all Customer with one button click
  • Creates multiple Shopping Cart User with different Language/Currency and Taxes controlled
    with one Main Shopping Cart System
  • Allow Full Custom Design individual CSS Style and easy HTML based Templates with complete Web Design Integration for Shopping Cart and none Shopping Cart Web Pages for each Shopping Cart User.
  • Supports for each User Realtime or Offline Credit Card Processing

Cost Effective Shared Traffic System

Popular online shopping sites need huge pipes and a strong database to accommodate the needs of their increasing online customers. By sharing or splitting traffic you use other servers to display your products to gain exposure and popularity while the ordering request/process is completed by your main server that houses the SearchFit shopping cart. Shared meaning 80% of the traffic goes to the Affiliate Resellers websites and 20% of the traffic goes to the ordering system processed to your website/server. Once it hits a certain limit of bandwidth that you choose, it will automatically point the online customer to another server that contains the SearchFit shopping cart for the ordering and shopping process for fast reliable methods. 
Most hosting companies charge you for added server features like a secure socket layer connection, MySQL, a shopping cart and your likely to be stuck on one server limiting your data transfer rate. If you do decide to have a second server because of the lack of bandwidth and data rate transfer, it will cost you more money. With SearchFit, you have the possibility of having a shared traffic system to provide your customers a variety of ways to buy and access your products. Everyone wins, you, your Affiliate Resellers, and customers.
[ Contact or Chat with one of our representatives for more info]

How it Works

Your main server contains the SearchFit shopping cart engine that allows you to generate static html to any server. It generates static HTML (your categories, product pages etc.) via the PHP FTP server session and uploads to a secondary server(s) or hosting company that does not need a secure socket layer or any database driven application the shopping cart process orders on their end. These secondary servers can be located anywhere around the world. All you need to do is to simply just configure the affiliate reseller’s ftp servers that it needs to point to from the SearchFit shopping cart and it will automatically upload it to your affiliate reseller’s server. Your Affiliate Reseller just needs a domain name, web space, and an account from you for the static html pages generated from SearchFit to be uploaded from your server that contains the SearchFit Engine.

Products are viewed from the Affiliate Reseller end and the shopping cart process is completed at your server. When the online shopper clicks on the “add to cart button” the web browser sends a request to the SearchFit database located on your server and process it on your server. The finalization of the shopping cart process is also done on your server not the affiliate server making it affordable to your Affiliate Reseller to only have a basic web hosting account.

Your Affiliate User only needs the categories and product pages generated by the SearchFit shopping cart engine located on your server.
[ Contact or Chat with one of our representatives for more info]

Link Popularity & Search Engine Ranking

With the benefit of having multiple servers and URLs containing your products that links to each other is that it increases your link popularity.
Search Engine optimization experts know the significance of link popularity. All search engine criteria and search engine results require a high popularity to be ranked high on their search engine. The search engine ranking of a web site/page rely heavily on the sites link popularity as well as the relevancy of the keyword frequency.

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