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Keyword Services


Search Engine Keyword Service - Keywords - Keyword Phrases - Phrases

Target the wrong keywords
and all your efforts will be in vain !

Some people make the top 10 in a major search engine and get plenty of traffic. Others do the same but get nothing. Why?

Simple. The first group selected keywords that many people are searching on, and the second did not!

Key Word Search Service

STANDARD - Keyword Search Service $49

We search for you 3 major keywords with related keywords and send you a statistic how many time is used your keywords by the major search engine. We give you a recommendation for related keyword searches.


Important about the Keyword Search Service !

1. I can think of my own keywords, why do I need you?

There are millions and millions of keyword combinations. Have you thought of all those connected to your business? Do you know which is more popular than the other? How much competition for them is there? Are you sure?
Our database is designed to save you time and money. If something that might take you 20 hours (maybe even 20 days) is going to take 20 minutes, and it is going to cost you $49 - it simply has to be considered.

2. Why can`t I just use one keyword - the most popular for example?
It is nearly impossible to get top positioning with an extremely popular keyword. e.g. mp3. You and 40 million other people just like you are trying to do the same thing!
According to the Search Engine , 67.5% of people enter a phrase into the search engines, not just a single word.
Why spend countless hours trying to compete for the single word when you can optimize for the phrases. This is where most of the traffic is.

3. Can we guarantee these keywords will get me to the top of the search engines?
I truly wish we could. But, the truth is, no one can do that. Things change extremely quickly from day to day. Whilst you may have great success when using keywords with thousands of competing web pages, when you get in to the millions, it is another matter altogether.
We can only guarantee that you will have a much better chance of reaching the top with our keywords than if you tried it on your own.
Also remember. You don't need to reach the top to generate significant volumes of traffic. Any position from 1 - 30 will do. As long as you have selected the right keyword combinations.

4. Where do we collect the data from?
Data is collected from several of the largest metacrawlers (these are engines that query the main search engines simultaneously) on the internet. Unfortunately, our contracts stipulate that we are not allowed to say who they are. We also poll the results from one major search engine, Webcrawler. We poll these voyeurs every few minutes, combine the results together, carefully making sure to remove suspect entries (mainly people who continually request the same thing over and over e.g. 'xxx company is the best').

5. How often is your data updated?
The data rotates over a period 8 weeks and yes it is constantly up to date. Every day the oldest data is refreshed and the newest data is added to the front. It takes 8 weeks for the full cycle to take place.

6. You get your data from metacrawlers, how does this compare to search engines?
To be fair we do make an assumption. We assume that people will search for the same things regardless of whether they use a search engine like Yahoo (www.yahoo.com) or a metacrawler like Metacrawler. The argument can be raised that many new people who have just joined the internet wouldn't know a metacrawler if it jumped out at them. But then... it works both ways. There are many portals which use metacrawlers for searching the web (www.cnet.com for example).
We believe that a user (especially a new user) would see a search box as a search box. It matters not the technology underneath. Also remember that a metacrawler uses the major search engines for its results!


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