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Search Engine Ranking - Web Site Ranking 

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Search Engine Ranking  with Meta Tag Description & Meta Tag Title
Meta Description Tags


Search Engine Ranking 
with Meta Tag Description & Meta Tag Title

Meta Description Tags
The Meta Description Tag is just as important as the Title Tag of your page. When a user searches on one of the search engines, it is going to bring back millions of results with only the Title and then the Description of each web site.

The Meta Description Tag is located with the Meta Title Tag and Meta Keyword Tag, which is in the Heading of the HTML code. Below is an example of what the Meta Description Tag looks like in your HTML coding.

<meta name="description" content="your description here">

When creating your Meta Description Tag you must adhere to the guidelines that the search engines have in place. For example, there is a limitation to the number of characters that you can use in your Meta Description. Another thing to keep in mind is that some of the search engines and directories use the keywords in the description as a way of determining if your site is relevant to the search performed. This is also where concepts and strategies like keyword proximity come into play and is a high factor for your search engine ranking.

Meta Tag Title
Also important like your title tag and description tag is your meta tag “title”. Repeat your < “title tag here”>

<meta name="title" content="your page title here">

One of the most important things that you can do for your web site and your search engine ranking to be indexed in the search engines is write a good description and title for your site. If you spend extra time on the title ,description, and tailor it so that it is definitive, concise, and follows all of the guidelines, your web site should not have a problem getting indexed and will positive for your search engine ranking.
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