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PHP Hosting - PHP Web Hosting - php hosting
PHP Web Hosting


  PHP Hosting - PHP Web Hosting - php hosting


  • What is PHP?
  • HTML embedded scripting language
    Open source
  • Native Web server support
  • Rich selection of extensions for
    Web developers
  • Basic Features of PHP
  • Multi-platform language (Linux, Windows NT, BSD, Solaris)
  • Connectivity to most popular databases (MySQL, mSQL, ODBC, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Sybase)
  • Support of Java, XML, COM/DCOM (on Windows only), LDAP, IMAP

  Basic Design Concepts


  • Language optimized for writing HTML- embedded web applications lNative Web server support
  • "Compile-first, execute-later� paradigm
    (fast run-time performance of complex scripts)
  • Zend Engine kernel independent
    of PHP functional shell
  • Independent modular components
    (Run-time Compiler, Executor, Functional API)
  • Compatibility with PHP 3
    Functional extendibility (plug-in modules such as optimizer)

  Other PHP 4 Highlights


  • Native HTTP session support
  • Fallback system for clients that don�t support cookies:
  • Session identifiers carried in the query string of the URL
  • PCRE (Perl-like regular expressions)
  • Shockwave lIntegrated XML and MySQL support

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PHP Hosting - php web hosting


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