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Search Engine Placement Tutorial for Higher Search Engine Positions
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Search Engine Placement Tutorial for Higher Search Engine Placement & Positions

I've written this tutorial for improving search engine placement and position ratings to help you promote your web site and increase traffic and visibility to your web site.

All the information contained in this article was obtained from the list of resources on the Search Engine Placement index. I also keep a running file in my mail folder for search engine placement information and some of the tips were gleaned from here via the newsgroups and lists that I subscribe to. The best of which is the newsletter published by Danny Sullivan the author of The Webmasters Guide to Search Engines. This article is meant as an overview of all these articles and newsletters. This e-zine will also start to maintain a search engine site which will be updated as I find new information or you share some with me and the readers.

How Your Url and Content Can Improve Search Engine Positions

Having a domain of your own can be used to raise search engine positions if you index your site to your advantage. You're thinking how right? I will use this site as an example. For navigation and layout purposes I have split this site up into several smaller sites. These are broken down into even smaller sites with specific audiences in mind. The html index which is a reference for HTML code and document layout, the tutorial index which is generally lessons on how to implement the reference materials in the HTML index, the site developers index which is an index for references and resources of interest to site developers and marketers. The site developers area is indexed into three areas. Two are the new promotion and search engine indexes and the third is the original index.

This helps in two ways, first of all, on the search engines that index sites and not pages I get six listings instead of one. As I understand the way these critters think, if it sees an index.html file it thinks it's a different site. The second benefit is it enables me to use, more effectively, the keywords in my meta tags, title and document structure. The only real difference it makes to me is in the directory at the ISP, I have six instead of one. Remember to link to all the sub-pages that are part of the site so the robot can index those as well. You may want to try to list these yourself because the bot can sometimes take quite a while to get around to it and there are no penalties for this so why not just disregard the information on the site and try and do it yourself. If you use the same keywords in several related documents you could get a long list of your documents placed at the top of the list. If you use Alta Vista you may have noticed this already.

The content of the page will help in better placement on some of the engines because they track the keyword usage in the content but of those that do some use % in which case ounce equals best or 100%. As an author I don't like to continually use the same words over and over however, if you look at it from this perspective it is very advantageous. WebCrawler and Lycos use keywords contained in the body to give a higher ranking so if placement in these two is important sprinkle keywords throughout the page.

This brings to mind some of the "spamming" techniques mentioned briefly in the first months issue. "Spamming" is now useless because as quick as webmasters learn a new trick it is penalized by the search engines shortly after it is used widely. Everyone knows the old same color font as background trick, and so they started hiding them in comments <!--keywords or title--> now both are being penalized at all search engines but Open Text which is currently down and not accepting URLs. They say they are making some adjustments, be sure this is one of them! A rule of thumb should be if you can't see it on the page and it isn't part of the <meta>, <title>, or in the image tag "alt" attribute forget it! It will only penalize your rating, or in some cases, at some of the engines it results in an outright ban for the domain name for up to six months. All I have to say about this is HOORAY for the engines, "spamming" is a researchers nightmare!

Search Engine Placement Tutorial for Higher Search Engine Placement & Positions
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