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Shopping Cart - Shopping Cart Features - Shopping Cart Details
Shopping Cart Detail


Shopping Cart Details


Shopping Cart Demo

Shopping Cart Administration System Demo
This demo has a pre-configured 'demo' login for you to use in touring through the Miva Merchant Administration System. Just click the 'Login' button in the login form of the front screen to get started.

The Miva fresh online demo store is an online storefront that demonstrates one possible implementation of the Miva Merchant Storefront .



Shopping Cart Features


  • NEW - Shopping Cart Inventory Tracking >
    Now you can track inventory levels for all the products in your store. Your customers will know exactly when a product is in stock or out of stock. This powerful new feature even sends email notifications about low and sold out items. You can manage inventory levels and notices for your entire store or for specific items. It's easy to administer and you'll eliminate orders for products that are no longer in stock.
  • NEW - Shopping Cart Simple Administration >
    It's never been easier to set up and administer your storefront. Now one wizard manages the complete storefront configuration and displays progress to completion so you know exactly where you are at each step of the way. You can revisit completed steps at any time and quickly switch between advanced and simple mode administrative interfaces.
  • NEW - Shopping Cart Attribute Templates >
    You'll save lots of time with the new attribute template feature. Now you can assign similar attributes to multiple products and easily change attributes globally by updating the template. Product attributes can still be modified without affecting the template. Plus, you can assign attribute templates in the Product Import.
  • NEW - Shopping Cart Site Traffic and Sales Statistics >
    Now you'll know exactly how many customers have visited your store and how much they have spent. This useful new feature makes it easy to track your store traffic and make smarter inventory and promotional decisions.
  • NEW - Shopping Cart Quick Selection
    Easily select and deselect an entire range of products at once when administering your storefront.
  • NEW - Shopping Cart New Shipping Calculation
    Now you can calculate shipping costs as a percentage of the total order.
  • Shopping Cart Store Management
    Miva Merchant comes complete with a set of wizards to simplify the process of building your store. Then, the browser-based administration interface provides access to an array of more sophisticated tools to maintain your catalog and inventory, manage accounts, create comprehensive promotional campaigns, handle order fulfillment responsibilities, and generate detailed sales and website traffic reports.
  • Shopping Cart Account Management
    Whether you are running a single store, or a "shopping mall", Miva Merchant allows you to have complete management control. You can create a store manager with full authority and multiple user accounts to handle the normal day-to-day operations of running your store. Also, customer accounts can be set up to provide frequent shopper programs, discounted pricing and special product availability.
  • Shopping Cart Catalog Management
    Create categories, products, and attributes within Miva Merchant using wizards, the Miva Merchant administration interface, or the product import utility. Use the sorting capability to quickly organize your products for display. Create detailed product descriptions using text and HTML and attributes can be assigned to products to allow you to identify your products' characteristics more accurately to your customers.
  • Shopping Cart Merchandising
    Merchandising is key to success of all stores and Miva Merchant has the capability to implement a variety of programs to increase your sales. With Miva Merchant you can associate complimentary products to give shoppers the opportunity to purchase others that are similar . You can also create an upsale process when shoppers meet pre-defined criteria such as purchasing specific products, or exceeding specified dollar amounts.
    Pricing groups can be used in combination with select shopper availability groups to qualify them for discounts on any or all products in the store.
  • Shopping Cart Order Fulfillment
    Processing credit card payments is easy with Miva Merchant's pre-configured payment processing solutions from industry leaders. Miva Merchant also configures multiple sales tax methods and provides your customers with multiple shipping options. Checking order status is also simple with our instant order email confirmations that are sent to both the merchant and customer.
  • Miva Merchant is bundled with interfaces to the following list of payment gateways and, supports over 40 others:

    --> Authorize.Net Payment Services v3.0
    --> E-Commerce Exchange/QuickCommerce 3.0 Payment Gateway
    --> Moneris e-SELECT Payment Service
    --> GlobalCommerce Payment Gateway
    --> CyberSource ICSv2 Payment Services
    --> Cardservice/LinkPoint Payment Gateway
    --> Paradata Payment Service
    --> Verisign Payflow Link
    --> Verisign Payflow Pro (PaymentNet)

    Through Miva Merchant's modular architecture, many other payment processors can be integrated to a Miva Merchant storefront. Visit our Partners section for more details.
  • Shopping Cart Modular Architecture
    Miva Merchant is specifically designed so developers and aftermarket vendors can implement their own customized modules around a common API. Once a module is developed, push-button registration automatically integrates it into the main Miva Merchant system.

    Modules can be developed for the following sub-systems:

    --> Fulfillment
    --> User Interface
    --> Shipping
    --> Payment
    --> Currency
    --> Sales Tax
    --> Batch Reporting
    --> Import / Export
    --> Buyer Traffic Reporting
    --> Intercept System Functions
  • Existing Site Integration
    E-merchants who have sites in HTML can hyperlink directly into a Miva Merchant e-catalog. Key e-catalog functions such as product lookup, category presentation, shopping basket, and order forms can be accessed as components of existing HTML-based web sites.
  • Shopping Cart Security
    All sensitive data can be encrypted with SSL prior to transmission. This includes the customer ordering process and processing of orders. Multiple layers of login permissions give a centralized manager the ability to grant store-level permissions to different developers and merchants.
  • Documentation and Support
    Context-sensitive help is available for each key field in the administrative interface within Miva Merchant. In addition, online documentation is available on Miva's web site. Support for Miva products is available through Miva's Incident Reporting System and user group forums.
  • Site Administrator Friendly
    Miva Merchant requires no daily management. Installation takes less than a minute on any Miva-enabled web server with several automated installation scripts provided free by Miva Corporation to hosting services and service providers.
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