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Domain Name Updates - Change DNS - Change Domain Registrar
Change Domain Ownership

Dear Customer general our Domain Admin. will change your domain record for you , to secure that your record works properly.

On our experience most customer like this kind of personal service. We are pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Go ahead and give us a call if you have any questions no waiting times we answer the phone with real persons.

Your Domain Record holding following Information:

Registrar: Registrar holding your Domain Name Record
Registrant: Your Company, Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address
Administrative: Contact: Name,, Address, Phone,  E-mail Address
Technical: Contact: Name, Address, Phone, E-mail Address
Billing Contact: Normally stays with the Registrar (ant) Address
Primary + Secondary DNS Server: Virtual Address (no IP Address)

What I need to Change ?  click here we change it for you !    

Who is able to Change a Domain Record:?

Normally only the Admin. or Tech contact can change the domain record online.
Some Registrar Systems Cary a user name and register key. The owner can change directly the record live on the root routers. Be carefully ! Otherwise your web site is down your changes are wrong !
Change my Web Hosting Company:

Primary + Secondary DNS Server for example: ns.rwgusa.net
           Virtual Address (no IP Address)
Technical Contact:
           Please change also the Technical Contact to your New Hosting Company
           The Tech Contact stays always with Hosting Company otherwise your
           Hoster  is unable to change DNS Changes

Change my Address or E-mail: Change Admin. Contact Change Registrant Address
For all these changes we have to verified your E-mail address
Changes need approx. 24 hours to be in effective

Change Ownership of your Domain ?  Change It !              

For More Info: please contact us: 1-888-398-4703.
We will inform you what Information you have to provide

Change Registrar of your Domain ?  Change It !                  

For More Info: please contact us: 1-888-398-4703.
We will inform you what Information you have to provide




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