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New Domain Tld's


New Top Level Domain Names



New gTLDs: The Magnificent (?)Seven .biz .info .name .pro .aero .coop .museum


On November 16, 2000, ICANN approved seven new domains:                                   



 .biz, .info, .name, .pro, .aero, .coop, and .museum


These new extensions have only been approved by ICANN but not by the US Department of Commerce. These new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) will not be officially entered into the Internet's root servers until the spring of 2001. This pre-registration is FREE and you will only be charged a registration fee for the domain names you have successfully registered .




.biz for businesses and corporations
.info for information-based services such as newspapers, libraries, etc.
.name for individuals' and personal websites
.pro for professions such as law, medicine, accounting, etc.
.aero for services and companies dealing with air travel
.coop for co-operative organizations
.museum for museums, archival institutions, and exhibitions



There are 7 new TLDs. Each was proposed by an individual, organization, or business, and they include:

.biz - JVTeam LLC proposed a suffix specifically for businesses. ICANN found it the strongest of several .biz proposals. It is unclear at this point how the company would handle requests from individuals and non-business groups.


.pro - RegistryPro Ltd. proposed .pro for professionals. For example, physician John Doe could register as johndoe.med.pro. If John Doe were a lawyer, he could register as johndoe.law.pro. Individuals must prove their professional status before registering a .pro domain name.


.info - Afilias LLC, a consortium of 19 registration companies, proposed .info as a truly global option for general information, similar to most .com registrations are in the United States.


.name - The Global Name Registry Ltd. proposed a category for individuals. It would reserve second-level names such as smith.name and let individuals register john.smith.name or betty.smith.name. It is not clear at this point how the company would deal with multiple individuals named John Smith.


.museum - The Museum Domain Management Association, a group created through the International Council of Museums, proposed the suffix for accredited museums worldwide.


.coop - The National Cooperative Business Association proposed a special designation for business cooperatives such as credit unions and rural electric coops. The suffix would be available for members of the group and its counterparts worldwide.


.aero - Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques, an international aviation group, proposed .air for the airlines, airports, computer reservation systems and related industries. ICANN countered with .aero as an alternative that could be more globally recognize.



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