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To what extent may affiliate users contrast their store from the ChiefAdmin and other affiliates’ pages?


Products may be customized to be exclusive (using the customized store section), or shared through another affiliates store: A shoe company only selling shoes may specify shoe products only, though another affiliate store sharing the same control station may have many non-shoe products. Similarly, each affiliate user may differentiate the following features from one to another: category types and categories specified, commissions, coupons, orders and their order reports, credit card processors, credit card types, languages (43 languages and their characters may be displayed), taxes, shipping and handling methods, shipping and handling fees, currencies, color schemes, mailing lists (a unique set of subscribers per user is logged), links, and terms and conditions; website layout; color scheme; custom order form fields; these may be exacted differently for each affiliate (whether registered as “new user” or “sub user”. Product prices remain equal for all users unless discounts are specified for all products for a certain affiliate within the “users section;” and, custom fields placed within the order form are shared for all users unless a custom field is setup to appear when a certain product is purchased that other affiliate users do not have (as when shoes purchased from the store of affiliate user “testuser” triggers the order form placement of a required custom field, setup in the “Custom Fields”, asking if they would like to receive future promotional information on that type of shoe, which is not used by other affiliate users). When international currency is used among users, a changeable conversion factor (the same if users are configured of the same currency but different otherwise) bases all conversions on the set product prices and any specified discounts are deducted thereby.


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