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Web Hosting FAQ



Web Hosting FAQ 


Email: [email protected]
Phone (Toll-Free): 888-398-4703  Phone (Local): 760-736-3700
Phone (International) ++1 760-736-3700
Support Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7 am - 6 pm PST
Saturday: Email Support Only - Sunday: Email Support Only
You can save time by checking our Help section below before contacting our Technical Support Department. Several common (and some uncommon) issues are covered.


FAQ Questions


How long does it take to setup my account and domain name?


Is my web-page accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?


Can I use my web-page for commercial purposes?


What does �Virtual Domain' mean?


How do I transfer files to my web-page?


FTP Maintenance (Uploading Your Files to the Server)


Do you provide technical support?


Can I have another domain names pointing to my domain?


Can I setup a 3rd level domain? (e.g. mysub.mydomain.com)


Can I get additional FTP, and POP3 accounts?


Who registers domain names?


What if I go over my traffic allowance?


Can I get additional disk-space?


Can I install my own CGI scripts?


Can I use SSI (Server Side Includes)


What type of E-MAIL accounts do I get with my hosting account?


Can I register a foreign domain and host it with you?


Do you support JAVA?


Do you maintain backup of my data?


I already have web-page hosted elsewhere. Can I move here?


What is the hardware you use?


What is your connection to the internet?


Setting up Your Own "404:File Not Found" Error Page


CGI-bin Applications


Paths to Date, Mail, Perl, etc.


Microsoft Front Page Extensions


How I can look up my web server usage-reports (statistic)



Fast Loading Times -->

Web Hosting Performance


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