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With a heritage for pioneering web server development and an on-going commitment to the open source Apache project, businesses can rely on Red Hat Stronghold and Red Hat Apache Services for securing their commerce servers, intranets and extranets and protecting their business intelligence, intellectual property, and customer information.



    Organizations are always looking for new ways to make their networks more reliable and efficient --without having to rely on inflexible, expensive technology. This is a collection of stories about Red Hat solutions at work in organizations of all sizes and from around the world. Some chose Red Hat as a competitive advantage. Some sought improved stability. Some simply wanted to save money. Start below with a few of our featured stories. You can also search the stories by industry and product.



Google runs the world's largest search engine, handling more than 150 million searches per day. And it's powered by one of the world's largest server farms, comprised of 8,000 Red Hat Linux servers.



    New in Red Hat Linux
    GNOME 1.4 with Nautilus File Manager
    Graphical display of files and directories to easily move, copy or delete files.
    Use icons to represent file contents for quick browsing through file manager interface.
    Red Hat configuration tools can be accessed from centralized location with new Control Panel.
    Seamlessly view content locally or on the internet via URL-based naming.
    Choose the right user interface for your level of expertise, from novice to expert.

    Installation Program Enhancements
    Automatic Partitioning
    Selects the best partition setup for your system.
    Graphical Partitioning Tool
    Quickly and easily add, remove or modify partition setup.
    Auto-Kickstart Profiling
    Automatically profiles your installation for easy upgrades or new installations on other machines.
    Automatic migration to ext3 journaling file system
    Effortlessly convert existing ext2 partitions to ext3 without losing data.

    New Graphical Tools
    Network Configuration Tool
    Set up network connections over modems or network cards quickly with one tool.
    User Management Tool
    Add, remove or modify user accounts and groups easily with one intuitive interface.
    Hardware Viewing Tool
    Displays peripheral and system hardware for fast visual inspection of system components.
    2.4.7 kernel Improvements
    ext3 Journaling File System
    Adds journaling features to the file system reducing risk of loss data due to unexpected system failures.
    Fast file recovery reduces system downtime by eliminating lengthy file system checks.
    Read the ext3 whitepaper.
    Increased Device Support
    Compatible with more hardware than ever, including:
    Networking Device Drivers
    USB Devices
    Firewire Devices

    Upgraded Core System Components
    The following major system components have been upgraded in Red Hat Linux 7.2:
    2.4.7 kernel
    gcc 2.96-RH
    glibc 2.2.4
    GNOME 1.4
    KDE 2.2
    XFree86 4.1.0
    Mozilla 0.9.2
    Netscape 4.78

    Red Hat Linux Features
    Complete Web, mail, ftp, file and print servers included.
    No additional software license or user fees in order to deploy a complete solution. Click here for articles on the widely acclaimed TUX and Apache Web servers.
    Apache Configuration Tool
    Quick configuration of Apache options
    Easily create and manage multiple virtual hosts
    BIND Configuration Tool
    Simple setup of forward and backward name resolutions and DNS lookups.
    Printing Configuration Tool
    Scalable printing configuration architecture that supports over 500 printers
    Automatically upgrades older systems configured with printtool
    Firewall Configuration during installation
    Select from three predefined levels of security or customize your own security level.
    Graphical Kickstart Configuration
    Graphical interface for easy customization of unattended kickstart configurations.

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